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Brick's Republican
County Committee

Welcome to the Brick Township Republican County Committee Page! We are delighted to have you here. On this page, you'll discover a wealth of information about our county committee, including details about our meetings, our dedicated leadership team, and much more. 


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Roles & Responsibilities

The Goal of the Brick Republican County Committee: Our primary goal is to promote and support Republican principles and candidates within Brick Township and the surrounding areas. We aim to engage and empower our community, fostering a deeper understanding of conservative values and advocating for policies that reflect our core beliefs.

Our Responsibility: As elected representatives for their respective districts, our team is responsible for being the direct link between the voters and our party. They actively work to ensure that the voice of the Republican Party is heard by registering voters, delivering absentee ballots, and engaging in grassroots campaign activities. By doing so, they help advance our conservative agenda and promote our endorsed Republican candidates at County Conventions. Additionally, they play an integral role in organizing events, campaigns, and initiatives that connect with residents and encourage civic participation.

Meet the Team

Our county committee is fortunate to have a dynamic and committed leadership team. Comprising elected representatives for the combined districts, our team's main duty is to communicate with and service the voters of their respective districts. They are responsible for registering Republican voters, delivering absentee ballots, canvassing and walking with candidates, distributing campaign literature, making 'Get Out The Vote' (GOTV) phone calls, helping with Republican fundraisers, and voting on the endorsement of Republican candidates at County Conventions. They also actively participate in Republican meetings and events, engage with social media, and share important updates with our community.


Meetings & Events

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